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Konstant Infosolutions is an award-winning mobile and app development company that can help you build native and hybrid mobile applications.

In this article, we are going to review this company and see how they can help you out with your app development projects.

About Konstant Infosolutions

Konstant Infosolutions has over 17+ years of experience in the field of app development with an over 64% retention rate. Since its launch, Konstant Infoslutions has delivered more than 1000 projects for over 2500 clients across the globe.

Their team of 180+ talented developers and designers can help you build even the most complicated application without breaking a sweat.

Konstant Infosolutions Portfolio

Their portfolio showcases a wide range of applications for startups, mid-scale businesses, and large enterprises. Applications built by them have payment gateways, mobile commerce features, streaming, video uploading, billing, and dating features.

With so many bells and whistles, you can easily classify them as one of the most versatile app development companies on this list.

1) Allergy Force – Food and restaurant

Allergy force lets you scan a food item and determine if any of its ingredients are allergic to you. It also shows you commonly allergic ingredients reported by other app users.

2) Cleanline – Jeddah’s #1 OnDemand Laundy and Dry cleaning app.

With CleanLine, you can order laundry service from the comfort of your home. Executives will come to your home and collect the laundry once you place the order.

3) Alrawi – Education and Human resource

Alrawi offers a smooth learning platform for anyone interested. You can also say that it is kind of an audiobook for the education industry. Anyone who’s interested can upload audio files to help and educate people across the globe.

4) Oyraa – Business and administration

Oyraa connects qualified professionals to businesses worldwide for consultation. You can use their interpretation services to job hunting or as a translation service.

Technologies used by Konstant Infosolutions

Mobile App development

  • iPhone app development
  • Android app development
  • PWA
  • Hybrid Apps

Web application development

  • PHP
  • .NET
  • JAVA
  • AngularJS
  • ReactJS
  • NodeJS
  • Magento
  • WordPress

Cross Platform development

  • React Native
  • Ionic
  • Flutter

App Prototype and Strategy

  • UI and UX designing

Next generation technology

  • Wearable app development
  • Cloud computing
  • IoT Development

Other services they offer

  • Software consulting services
  • Software maintenance and support
  • Opensource development
  • Staff augmentation and dedicated teams

Industries Konstant Infosolutions can help you with

  • Real estate
  • On-demand development and solutions
  • Social networking
  • Food and restaurant
  • Banking
  • Finance
  • Insurance
  • Education and eLearning
  • ECommerce
  • Travel & Hospitality
  • Media and Entertainment
  • Healthcare and fitness
  • Transport and automotive
  • Gaming and leisure
  • Directory and organization
  • Even and tickets.
  • Retail
  • B2B

Development Process

Their development process is divided into the following steps:

You fill out a quote form with all the information about the project, their team determines the best development strategy. They then assemble a mockup design and start working on the prototype.

This prototype is sent to the development team where they code the application in your desired technology and platform.

After quality assurance, the application is deployed for the public and the target audience to download it.

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