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Raizlabs was launched back in 2003 and now has around 100 employees which consist of developers, software engineers, and management-level employees.

Raizlabs is also an interesting agency because they don’t focus on too many industries and niches. The majority of their clients come from three niches that we are going to talk about in a bit.

Let’s see if Raizlabs has what it takes to help you create a remarkable mobile and/or web-based application for your business or freelance services.

In the end, we also share with you a verdict to help you decide if Raizlabs is worth your time and investment.

Let’s get started.

Services offered by Raizlabs

  • Customer Engagement
  • Commerce
  • Digital Workplace Experience
  • Mobile Application Development
  • Healthcare and Medicine
  • Innovation and Emerging Technology
  • Digital Operations

With app development centric services, they also offer some level of marketing services such as customer engagement and Digital workplace experience. So, if your business requires an array of services related to mobile development and marketing, you can get started with them. 

Industries and Niches

  • Real estate
  • On-demand development and solutions
  • Social networking
  • Food and restaurant
  • Banking
  • Finance
  • Insurance
  • Education and eLearning
  • ECommerce

They cover the top industries where most of the premium companies and startups operate. If your niche is listed above, you can get started right away after a small app development consultation. Having expertise in a particular niche ensures that the product is of top-notch quality and all necessary features are added

Technologies and Tech Stack

  • AR/VR
  • Content Management Systems
  • Conversational UI/Voice/Bots
  • Custom Business Applications
  • Digital Workplaces
  • Episerver Solutions
  • Microsoft Solutions
  • Mobile / Embedded Devices
  • Salesforce Solutions
  • Sitecore Solutions

With your regular software and app development services, they also offer next-generation services such as Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Conversational UI, and bot development. If you already have a business running and want to integrate Salesforce with your business processes, you’d be glad to learn that they offer a dedicated service just for Salesforce development.

Notable Clients

  • AAA Web
  • Six Flags
  • Rue Lala
  • Perkins School For The Blind
  • B and H
  • Run Keeper
  • Juilliard
  • Care.com
  • Virgin
  • Bloomingdale’s
  • Macy’s
  • HP
  • UserTesting
  • Benjamin Moore

Verdict and conclusion

Raizlabs is now known as Rightpoint. So, if you have read our review about RightPoint you should know that they have an amazing team of developers who will help you get started with your application development process after some in-depth preliminary consultation.

They have everything that you’d expect from an award winning app development company.

To conclude, we recommend Raizlabs to businesses of all shapes, sizes and forms. Their notable clients are some of the most reputed companies that exists today. From IV League colleges to Multi-Million dollar CRM platforms are showcased in their portfolio.

Have you worked with Raizlabs? Share your experiences, doubts and questions about Raizlabs in the review box or the comment section below. Also, you can share a start rating to help others in understanding the quality of services.

Your review will help our readers in making a better hiring decision in their next app development project.

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