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Zensar Technologies is a top-notch digital agency that offers various services including research, application development, and digital transformation services.

Plus, if you are looking to hire a company that excels at dealing with next-generation technologies such as blockchain and virtual reality, Zensar Technologies can help you out.

In this article, we are going to explore Zensar Technologies and see what types of applications and digital solutions they can help you out with.

Introduction to Zensar Technologies

With over 10000 employees, Zensar Technologies is one of the strongest app development companies in our portal. With services that span the whole digital transformation vertical, Zensar Technologies can help you transform your digital appearance and incorporate the latest technologies to help you rule mobile commerce and marketplaces.

Services That Zensar Technologies Provides

Unlike many other app development companies, Zensar Technologies has many more services to offer. Their long list of services are categorized under the following categories for over 7 different industries and media related niches.


Mostly business analytics and research-based services for corporations and enterprises.

  • Advanced analytics
  • Analytics strategy and consulting
  • Data insights
  • Data management

Application Transformation

Cross-platform application development and team extension services to help you fast track your in-house development projects.

  • Agile
  • Application Development
  • DevOps
  • Enterprise Architecture
  • Cloud Applications
  • Connected Intelligence

Digital Foundation

To help you add an extra layer of security and features to streamline your business further.

  • Digital foundation services
  • Digital experience management
  • Digital workplace services
  • Digital infrastructure
  • Digital operations
  • Digital Enterprise security

Digital Experience

Web development and marketing services

  • CRM
  • Digital Channels
  • Digital Marketing Services
  • Experience Services
  • Front End Development

Enterprise Application

  • Oracle
  • SAP
  • SFDC
  • Pega Alliance


Quality assurance and testing

  • Game Testing
  • One-Touch Testing
  • Outcome-Based Testing
  • Performance Engineering
  • Product Testing
  • Rush Hour Testing

Unified Digital Commerce

All things e-commerce and mobile commerce

  • Digital Commerce Consulting
  • Digital Commerce development
  • Digital Fulfilment
  • Managed Commerce Services
  • Sierra – Automated Functional Testing
  • Sierra – Volume and performance testing

Technologies and Industries Served by Zensar Technologies

Since they are a full-service digital agency that focuses on more than just application development, they have many other technologies and stacks that they use on a regular basis. But, for application development, they focus on the following industries:

  • Sports
  • Health
  • Fitness
  • E-Commerce
  • Science
  • Education
  • B2B
  • IT
  • Financial services

If your business doesn’t fall in any of these categories, you can get in touch with them to figure out if they offer services for you or not.

Final Thoughts

Zensar Technologies is more than just an app development company. We also feel like this company deals with premium businesses that were a solid workforce to handle their app development work.

But, they have also showcased some startups and small businesses.

From outcome-based manager services to robotic process automation, their services gives a hint that they may only work with a large corporation that needs regular workflow automation related help and optimization.

That said, if you want to work with them, click on the button below and get your consultation.

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