Top 10 App Development Companies In California

App development is one of the most in-demand service even in the software development vertical. So, it is obvious that there will be tons of competition when it comes to hiring the best app development company.

To help you out a bit, we will list out the top 10 best app development companies in California. So, if you are looking for an app development company that operates from California, this article will help you a lot.

Before diving into the article, here’s a few insights from the article to help you out when individually viewing each company profile listed in this article.

Various services offered by the companies

In each of the companies listed in this article, we have carefully listed all the services listed by them over the internet.

Some companies offer just the basic app development services while some others offer so many other services targetting software development, web development and next-generation technology development including Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality.

So, listing all the services will help you in understanding their expertise in a particular field.

Most of the companies that we have reviewed have a wide range of services including:

  • Android app development
  • iOS app development
  • IoT
  • Wearable
  • TV
  • Web app development
  • Website development
  • UI and UX design
  • Market research
  • Quality assurance
  • SaaS
  • and more

From the above list, you can tell that the companies listed in these articles all have a bundle of services to help you build web application development, Android and iOS development, and next-generation technology development.

Industries and niches

Not all app development companies in California deliver project or service all the industries and niches. For example, some companies in this list tend to only deliver Android and iOS applications for fitness and healthcare related niches.

Why is this important when any company can develop applications in any given industry?

It is important because if an app development company has been delivering application in the Healthcare niche, they will be aware of all the major bells and whistles when it comes to the features and options.

So, your application will also have all the necessary features and their team will not have to spend months on end on the research and development process.

This results in a fast application development experience.

Each of the companies listed in this article has a short list with all the niches and industries that they operate in.

That said, even if your niche isn’t listed in their profile but you still want to work with them, you can get in touch with them and schedule a free one-on-one consultation to help you sort things out.

Office locations

When hiring an app development company, most people don’t actually care about the geographical location as they just need an application developed without spending a fortune hiring developers from their local communities.

But, there are some cases in which you will need a local app development company to help you build your applications due to privacy and data protection concerns.

Notable clients

A list of notable clients will help you in understanding the class of a company and whether they are able to deliver applications for your company.

TrinityWired is a Florida-based app development company that helps build a variety of applications and websites using modern and legacy software for clients from all over the world. Although most of their clients come from North America, they do have some apps that were built for international clients. In this article, we are going to review TrinityWired and list all of their services, niches, more
0 reviews
Dogtown Media was launched in 2011 and is based in the US. They offer premium app and web development services to startups, medium and large-scale businesses that generate close to 1 billion dollars in revenue. They primarily focus on mobile app development, software development, AR/VR development, IoT, and artificial intelligence. They have been featured on Yahoo! News, International Bus more
0 reviews
Openxcell is a full-cycle software development company that excels at building mobile applications for iOS and Android markets. They claim to build advanced mobile applications with the latest technologies such as Flutter, React Native, and many more. Let's explore this company a bit and see how they can help you build your mobile applications. About Openxcell Openxce more
0 reviews
Launched back in 2010, Tudip Technologies has a strong team of software engineers and developers with at least 500+ employees working with them at the time of writing this review. They are an Indian based business that has some local presence in the US market. From legacy application development to next-generation application development, this makes them a very promising app development company more
0 reviews
Founded in 2006, SourceBits is a full-service software development company that deals with a range of services and industries including Mobile Business Strategy, Enterprise Mobile Design & Development, Responsive Web Design & Development, Consumer Mobile Design & Development, Mobile App Development, Android App Development, iPhone & iPad App Development, UI/UX Design, and Chatbot more
0 reviews
The One Technologies was launched back in 2016 and has developed countless applications since its launch. They are based in the US and have more than 200 employees. They have a long list of enterprise-centric services. In this article, we are going to review The One Technologies and list all of their services, a list of niches that they serve, technology stack, and office locations to help you more
0 reviews
Launched back in 2009, TechAhead is an app development company based in the US and India. With over 150 engineers and software developers, they develop applications for businesses and startups. Having being rated 5 out of 5 on many ratings and review website, TechAhead is a promising app development company with tons of software development experience under their belt. In this arti more
0 reviews
Konstant Infosolutions is an award-winning mobile and app development company that can help you build native and hybrid mobile applications. In this article, we are going to review this company and see how they can help you out with your app development projects. About Konstant Infosolutions Konstant Infosolutions has over 17+ years of experience in the field of app developm more
0 reviews was launched back in 2016 and now has over 50 employees that help them in delivering high-quality applications to clients all around the world. In this article, we are going to review this brand and see if they are a suitable software partner for your brand and will be able to help you out with your next app development project. You can also use the information listed in this article more
0 reviews
In this article, you will be introduced to Flynaut LLC to a full-service digital transformation company that can help take your rough app idea and transform it into a powerful, revenue-generating application online without any hassle. We will be listed all the important details and information such as services, notable clients, recent projects and office addresses. Let's get starte more
0 reviews

Now that you’ve read about the top app development companies in California, here’s a few frequently asked questions to help you understand the services and various other technical terms associated with the industry.

What’s the difference between iOS, Android app development?

iOS and Android are two different smartphone platform. They don’t share anything common but you need to build applications for both of these platforms to cover the most ground in terms of smartphone users.

iOS development is pretty restricted as it is a closed project owned by a private corporation. You can only develop native iOS applications using Apple devices.

On the other hand, Android is an open-source platform which comes with a lot of freedom. You can develop applications on any OS including Linux and MacOS. Android’s ecosystem is also the largest in the market today. So, you definitely don’t want to miss out on that.

Eventhough the applications for both of these platforms may look similar but Android applications are often more affordable to get develop.

What’s the difference between a website and a web application?

The main different is the functionality and features that comes with both types of online real estate.

A website can be anything from a blog, business website or a portfolio and so on, but a web application can be a custom built SaaS application, social media app, e-commerce platform and so on.

Usually, a web application is much more expensive and demanding to get develpoed. You may need to spend a lot of time doing research and perfecting the user-experience.

Some websites don’t need any type of feature updates. Once launched, you don’t need to update it for a very long time but with a web application, you don’t regular updates, be it feature updates and security patches.

With new browser updates and updates in the programming platforms and server OS, it becomes necessary to update the application to work seamlessly with these technologies.

Do you need a web application if most of your customers are only going to use mobile applications?

Yes, despite of all the rumors that websites and web applications are obsolete, a good chunk of users still prefer using websites to make important purchase decisions.

Even if that’s not the case, using technologies such as Flutter and React Native, you can easily transform your mobile application into a fully functional web application.

This way you’ll have a full coverage and maximum ROI on your marketing spend.

What’s the difference between native and hybrid/cross-platform application?

A native application is built specifically for a platform. For example, a native iOS application will only work with iOS mobile operating system.

Hybrid and cross-platform application, on the other hand, can be modified to work on both iOS, Android and web browsers.

This makes them an attractive offering specially, when you have to pay a hefty sum to get native applications developed. With hybrid app development technologies, you can get one app developed using React Native and deploy three different version that would work perfectly fine with any given OS and platform.

What’s the main difference between iOS and Android applications stores?

When it comes to quality and security, nothing even comes close to Apple’s App Store. The added layer of security comes from the restrictive nature of Apple’s online assets and it’s mobile operating system itself.

Unless the device is rooted, which also revokes the warranty, it is virtually impossible to infect, bypass the security and install a foreign application

Furthermore, iOS has a pretty long list of terms and conditions when it comes to deploying applications on their app store. So, if your application doesn’t meet their quality standards, it will get rejected.

Now, let’s talk about Android’s Play Store.

Play Store is a relatively easy-going marketplace. Since Android is an open-source platform, security is on the lower side and the risk of getting the virus and other malicious applications.

You can install applications from any third-party source without rooting the device. So, Google’s TOS and security standards remains a gimmick.

Hiring locally and remotely?

If you are from the US or North America, chances are that your local app development companies would charge 4-5 times more than what a remote app development company would charge.

That said, there are pros and cons of hiring from both locally and remotely. Here’s a few of them:

Pros of hiring locally:

  • You can meet them and schedule a team meatup whenever you feel is convenient.
  • Confidentiality and data protection.
  • Many finance and healthcare businesses prefer local brands due to several underlying security, privacy and legal reasons.

Cons of hiring locally:

  • You have to pay a hefty sum to get your application developed
  • Development team is also dependent on the same work days and other holidays.

Pros of hiring remotely:

  • The cost of production is relatively low.
  • There are some very talented minds that can help you in developing complex software solution without breaking a sweat.
  • Some app development companies also offer round the clock development to fasttrack the development process.
  • You can also make use of their team extension and other DevOps services to help you get an extra set of hands on the desk.

Cons of hiring remotely:

  • Data protection is a concern and you don’t know what the work conditions are.
  • Legal documents sometimes need to be signed in-person. Having a remote team can delay the production timeline.
  • Some financial organizations and healthcare industries require you to hire locally, so hiring a remote team becomes a bit hectic.

What’s the average cost of developing mobile applications?

Somewhere from $10,000 to Millions of dollars. The range might seem a bit wide but that’s how the market places their services.

The actual cost of developing an application will depend on the type of application, industies, number of features and the brand.

So, the best way to get an estimate is to get in touch with the app development agency for a free consultation. Most brands don’t have a static pricing plans. So, depending on your needs and requirements, the charges may be increased or reduced.

How would you update your applications?

Well, most companinies offer post-deployment services and maintenance services. You can make use of them and if you want to hand over the future updates to some other company, you can do that as well. Most app development agencies usually offer software maintenance services.

When should you deploy updates?

There are three major types of application updates:

  • Security updates
  • Version updates
  • Feature updates

And all three of these are very necessary and should be rolled out on a regular basis.

Both Android and iOS platforms get regular updates and upgrades. If your applications isn’t upgrades or updated as per the latest OS iteration, some or many features may stop working rendering user-data and other sensitive information vulnerable.

Furthermore, app development is not a one-time job, you will have to refresh the app design, collect data from the user to improve user-experience, add or remove features and more.

What’s the development process behind a simple application development project?

An app development process can be very simple or complex depending on the complexity of the project. If your project demands extensive research and testing, the process will reflect that and your overall production rate will also be longer.

A simple development process includes:

  1. Consultation
  2. Research
  3. Project planning
  4. Assigning team members
  5. Development
  6. Quality Assurance
  7. Deployment
  8. Maintenance and after-sales support

If you hire an agency for a complete digital makeover or digital transformation, keep in mind that it might take longer as they are not only helping you renovate your mobile apps, but also help you with renovating your website and other software systems.

How would you communicate with remote app development companies?

Most companies already have some sort of communication channel that they use to get in touch with their clients for briefing and explanation.

You can use from a number of software and cloud applications such as Zoom, Skype, Google Meet and many more.

When should you expect your application to be deployed?

It might take months on end to get an application developed. There are some companies that offer ready to launch applications that can be rebadged and launched within a few days but those only work well with basic businesses and regular e-commerce companies.

If you are a creative startup that needs to develop a state of the art application, you will have to wait for at least 4 to 6 months.

Please note that it’s better to let the development team take their time than forcing them to build an application ASAP.

Deploying applications with loopholes and bugs will turn off your customers and negatively impact your applications reputation.


In this article, we have listed all the top app development companies in California. Use this article to hire the best app development company for your next project.

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