Top 10+ App Development Companies In Florida

In this article, we are going to list top app development companies in Florida to help businesses and agencies based in the Florida region to sort through a list of promising and reliable app development companies.

If you click on any of the title of the listing, it will take you to the individual review page of the respective company. On this page you will be able to read our expert review with the companies all major aspect which includes the number of services that they offer, their favorite niches and industries, their notable clients and portfolio items, locations and office addresses and a final verdict to help you out with your purchase decision.

At the end of each individual review profile, you will be able to drop you reviews and comments. These reviews and customer feedback will help fellow readers in making a decision when looking for an app development company for their next project.

To rank all these websites, we have used a few metrics that we think are very important for any app development company.

As of now, these are some of the metrics that we use on most of our reviews:

  • Portfolio list – a list of all the notable clients and top recent projects. This will help you in coming to a conclusion.
  • A list of all the services to help you understand what they do and only select companies that specifically offer the service that you are looking for.
  • Industries and niches to help you figure out if they can help you develop an application for your business or not. Having experience in a particular niche means that they will have a good idea of how to implement certain features that are important for users and businesses.
  • Business locations for businesses that are looking to only work with businesses that have some sort of local presence.
  • A final verdict to voice our opinion about the said app development company and the top reasons as to why you should and shouldn’t work with them and what type of businesses are a good fit for the app development company.

Now that you are familiar with all the metrics, let’s get started with the article.

TrinityWired is a Florida-based app development company that helps build a variety of applications and websites using modern and legacy software for clients from all over the world. Although most of their clients come from North America, they do have some apps that were built for international clients. In this article, we are going to review TrinityWired and list all of their services, niches, more
0 reviews
Octal IT Solution is one of the most versatile software development company today. Launched back in 2007, Octal IT Solution has developed applications and software solutions for various reputed organizations and companies such as BMW, FIAT,, Red Card, AVIVA, and Vodafone. If we talk about awards and recognitions, they have been awarded by Top App Creators - Top iPhone Development Com more
0 reviews
Fluper is a full-service software development agency based in India and has a local presence in the US, UAE, and some other parts of India. Since their launch back in 2013, they have developed hundreds of high-quality applications for famous businesses across the globe. They can help you with both next-generation solutions and traditional application development. With a team of highly-talented more
0 reviews
Chop Dawg was launched in 2009 and now they have around 200 employees which include engineers and software developers. Based in India, they have some local presence in various international locations. They have been awarded by The Manifest - Top App Developers, - Top Mobile App Development Company, - Top B2B Companies, - Top mobile app development company, UpCit more
0 reviews
Launched in 2017, Uplogic Technologies is an app development company based in multiple locations. They are a suitable brand for small scale businesses and startups with solutions and technologies to build affordable applications and websites. Furthermore, they have also been awarded by for their spotless track record and on-time deliveries. In this article, we are going to review more
0 reviews
Founded in 2013, KitRUM is a full-service app development company based in Ukraine that has some local presence in the US, Mexico and Israel. They have around 150+ team members including designers, developers, software engineers and data scientists. They have been trusted by many notable clients such as AirBnb, Fiverr, Pickwatch, Citrix and Online Rewards. If we take reviews from f more
0 reviews
Biz4Group LLC Was launched back in 2003 and they now have around 250 employees and deliver applications to clients from all around the world.  They are located in the US and they don't have any international location in the Asia or European region.  From basic app development services to fully-fledged website development of software development, they offer a range of services that can help more
0 reviews
WoodBows was launched in Florida, the US but now they offices in the Phillippines and India. With over 200 employees, WoodBows is responsible for building some of the most remarkable applications that exist today in the market. They have virtual assistance services, mobile development, and web design-related services to help you operate your business from a remote location without spending to more
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What’s an app development company?

An app development company is typically a software development company that specializes in building web, mobile and browser applications. Since software development is a pretty big industry, it would require hundreds if not thousands of engineers and workers to manage. But, if you focus on a particular segment or sub-niche, you might be able to do with just a few team members.

Software development may confuse some potential clients who are looking for app development services. So, having your company listed as an app development company will help prospects find you easily.

App development companies also have a slightly different set of software stack which may include React Native, C#, Java, Swift, Xamarin, Flutter App, and Mongo DB.

Not all software development companies can be classified as app development companies but every app development company can be classified as software development companies.

So, if you are having a hard time finding a suitable app development company, you may want to try the search term, “software development company that specializes in app development”

What are iOS devices or iPhone devices and what’s their significance on your business?

iOS is a closed-source project owned and maintained by Apple Inc. It only works on Apple’s smartphone device, iPhone. iOS is specifically designed and coded for iPhones, so they work like a charm. You barely experience any technical glitch and troubles including update related issues and security loopholes.

Having no other parties involved in the development process and unavailability of the security patches make iOS the most secure mobile operating system on the planet.

One interesting fact about iPhone is that it used to be the best and most powerful option in the market when it came to feature packed smartphones.

Now, they are considered as expensive machines that lack many advance features that even some entry level Android devices come packed with.

That said, iOS still stands to be the most stable, secure, and premium option in the smartphone market with a suite of software solutions to create an ecosystem to solve all of your digital needs.

Significance of iPhones is pretty huge.

You have to understand that iOS is still the preferred platform by corporate and business users. It is also the most desired platform in the US.

Not only that, iOS enjoys a cult following and these followers will line up outside of Apple Stores after every new iPhone launch.

What are Android devices and what’s its significance on your business?

Android was not so polished when it was launched back in the day. It was buggy, most Android devices were cheap and didn’t have the premium look and feel that iPhones offered.

Now, it is a completely different scenario.

Top end Android devices will easily blow iPhone out of the water without breaking a sweat.

Android is an open-source project maintained by Google which makes it possible for any smartphone manufacturer to use this OS for their smartphone ventures.

This, and the fact that Google also comes packed with a complete suite of applications to solve all digital software related issues, made Android the first choice for anyone who’s looking to buy a new smartphone.

Because there are many manufacturers building phones with Android, you get to use different features, powerful technologies, and other goodies that you wouldn’t actually find in any iOS device.

What are native and hybrid applications?

Native apps are built specifically for a single platform. For example iOS native applications are built for iPhone and they cannot be installed on any other platform including macOS. Similarly, Android apps are built for Android phones. You won’t be able to install Android apps on a Windows PC and iOS device.

Native applications are developed one at a time or simultaneously by different team of people having expertise in developing different software.

So, naturally, getting a native application will cost you more money as you will have to get at least 2 applications developed.

Hybrid applications are building using hyrbid platforms such as Xamarin and Flutter. The main difference between a hybrid application and native applications is the fact that you only have to a single application that can be deployed for many platfroms.

This reduces the cost of production and the features, design and UX remains consistent across all the platforms.

One major pro from a developer’s point of view is that you don’t need to master multiple languages to build applications, you just learn a single platform and you end up saving a lot of time when developing native application for platforms.

How to select the best app development company in Florida?

Selecting from the best app development companies is not that tough or challenging. Since almost all the information is available online, you could just do some light research and end up with a list of the most reliable prospects.

Since you are on our website, we have made this process even simpler for you. We have reviewed more than 300 app development companies all across the US. You can select your area and see which app development companies are offering services in your desired location.

If you still want to do the research on your own, you may want to consider these factors:

  • A fully functional website that works perfectly fine with mobile devices – At this day and age, every business has at least one website where they would share all the details and info for their clients to find. If it’s an app development company, having a working website is a must. If your chosen app development company doesn’t even have a website, it’s better to look somewhere else.
  • Portfolio page with some case studies – Portfolio is the single most important page on a business website. We avoid the companies that don’t sport a portfolio page. We understand that not many clients would want you to reveal the project details but if you aren’t even able to display a few portfolio items, you might want to display them as soon as possible.
  • List of all the services and expertise – A complete list of services will help you in making sure that you are only dealing with companies that are equipped to handle your projects. There’s no point in contacting a business that doesn’t offer the services you are looking for.
  • Office addresses and contact details – Although there are businesses that don’t bother putting these details on their website. But, since you are going to install thousands of dollars, you must look for the geographical location of the business you are hiring.

There are a couple of other metrics that you can use to make sure that you select the best app development company for your future project.

How long does it take to develop a native and hybrid application?

A typical app development project can be completed in about 6 weeks team but if you are dealing with a complicated app development project, it may take more than a few months and sometimes even a couple of years to get all the modules and features developed.

To get an estimated project time, you should get in touch with app development companies and schedule a free consultation.

For best results, create a list of all the features that you want in your application and then get in touch with a list of companies that look promising to you.

Whoever returns the most realistic approach to the development should be hired.

How much does it cost?

Getting an app development is not the cheapest affair. Depending on the features, time, team members, and platform, the cost can shoot up to millions of dollars.

It will also depend on the brand and their track record.

If an app development only works with million-dollar companies, as a small business owner or a startup with a limited budget, you might want to look for some agency that fits your budget.

Do you need graphic design, UX research, and other services?

Yes, usually most app development projects include some level of UX research, graphic designing and quality assurance and testing. But, if you have hired an ultra-affordable agency to get a basic application developed, they might skip on those.

But, believe us, these services are important to get the most ROI from the money that you spend. There’s no point in investing money into a product that’s not designed keeping some research in mind. Also, if you don’t pay proper attention to details, you will be losing out on a lot of potential customers in the future.

Why you should always create a business website for your app?

Business websites are vital for any business today.

Business websites don’t need to supply a user with the functionality of its mobile OS counterparts but it can be used as a resource to help users get the download links to the applications.

Furthermore, you can easily attach a WordPress blog to your website and publish articles about your niches and various interesting topics.

Google and other major search engines will index these articles and within a few months, you will start receiving quality search engine traffic.

This will be free and you will be able to drive such quality traffic for years to come.

Conclusion: App Development Companies In Florida

In this article, we have shared with you a list of top app development companies in Florida. We have various metrics such as portfolios, services, niches and geographical locations to help you out with your hiring process.

Additionally, you can also share your customer feedback with us using the comment section below. You can also share any questions and queries related to this article in the same comment section.

If you want to share custom feedback for a particular company listed here, you can do that by visiting their individual profiles and dropping a review with start ratings. This will help others in making an informed decision when hiring for an app development project.

We will be happy to hear your thoughts

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