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TrinityWired is a Florida-based app development company that helps build a variety of applications and websites using modern and legacy software for clients from all over the world. Although most of their clients come from North America, they do have some apps that were built for international clients. In this article, we are going to review TrinityWired and list all of their services, niches, more
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The NineHertz is a full cycle software development company that specializes in mobile app development. They are also one of the few companies that have been featured on so many online publications such as Clutch, UpWork and Mobile App Daily. In this post, we are going to explore The NineHertz and see if they are a good fit for your future app development projects. About The NineHer more
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MobiDev is an ISO certified company launched in 2009. At the time of writing this article, they have over 1000 employees and have offices in the US and the UK. They are also one of the fastest-growing mobile application development company that also deals with next-generation technologies and frameworks. You can hire them to build anything from a simple mobile application to an end more
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Launched in 2015, TechGropse is a full-service software development agency that focuses on servicing small businesses, medium businesses and large corporate businesses. At the time of writing this review, they have mentioned that they have around 150+ employees and have delivered some amazing applications for GetAFix, Saleem, Nawaeim, and WASPHA Provider – For Medical Service Providers. more
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Dedicated Developers is one of the most service offering app development companies out there. From hybrid mobile application development to developing applications with many other languages and framework for the web, Dedicated Developers offer a suite of services to help you establish your business online. At the time of writing this article, they have delivered over 1000 projects with a more
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Launched in 2016, Lanars is an app development company that comprises of a strong team of over 40 talented developers and software engineers. They are based in Ukraine but have developed for and worked with many international brands across the globe. They have been awarded by many popular and reputed brands such as and Most of their clients have rated them well on more
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WebClues Infotech was launched back in 2014 and now employs over 120 employees including software developers and engineers. They are one of the most versatile app development companies out there with a focus on almost all major industries and niches. They have been awarded by many reputable online publications including Wadline, Web Guru Awards, SoftwareWorld, SelectedFirms, TopFirms, AppFutura more
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Logistic InfoTech was launched back in 2010 and now they have around 200 employees who help them in building complex applications for clients across the globe. From web design services to marketing and full-scale web development, Logistic InfoTech has proved that they are a reliable brand that always delivers on time. They have been awarded as the top developers from the and top we more
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Wama Technology was launched back in 2015, has around 50 employees, and targets the mobile app development segment in the US and Indian market. With a moderately strong team, they manage to deliver powerful applications and websites to compies from around the world. In this article, we are going to review Wama Technology and list services, areas of expertise, industries that they serve in, offi more
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Launched back in 2009, KitelyTech is one of the oldest running application development agencies in the US. With a strong team of over 200 employees, they build some of the most premium and solid mobile applications for clients in the US and the World. In this article, we are going to review KitelyTech and list out all of their services and other details such as areas of expertise, industries th more
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Can you hire multiple app development companies to work on your projects?

Yes, sometimes you will have to hire multiple app development agencies to work together as not every software company masters all the technologies and frameworks.

Some app agencies only focus on building iOS applications. If you only develop iOS applications, you will be missing out of a big chunk of users that use Android devices.

On the other hand, there are some app development agencies that don’t actually develop web or iOS applications and focus on only developing Android applications.

Furthermore, there’s a sudden urge to dive into the world of next generation technologies and integrating them into application to help improve the user-experience of the app. But, the main problem that you’ll face here is that most app development companies still use legacy programming technologies and shy away from using next-generation technologies such as AR / VR, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

So, you might have to hire multiple companies to sort things out.

The challenge is not the hiring process but it is the collaboration and integeration of features and team members between the companies that you choose to hire.

What’s iOS?

iOS is a close-sources mobile operating system developed by Apple. This operating system only works with Apple devices and Apple has full control over what type of modifications, in terms of design and functionality, is introduced in the future updates and iteration of the devices.

iOS is a perfect operating system for average smartphone user as it doesn’t need any complicated setup and you can’t really modify it or run into issues with poor quality applications ruining your phone as Apple also doesn’t let your install applications from third-party websites and stores.

That, and Apple’s store policies and terms and pretty strict and only top-quality applications are accepted which ensures that users are safe from those weird and useless applications that you might otherwise find on Google Playstore.

As mentioned earlier, Apple doesn’t allow installation of applications from third-party sources, chances of getting a virus or damaging your phone and falling prey to a cyber attack is also very thin.

Of course, no phone is 100% secure but when it comes to security, Apple has proven in the past that they wouldn’t share your data or help the government agencies to crack your devices even if they wanted due to their military-grade security layers.

What’s Android?

If you haven’t ever used Samsung phones or if you haven’t used any other smartphone than iPhone, you’d be completely unaware of Android OS.

It is the undesputed champion in the mobile OS world. With the largest user base and endless possibility in the mobile world, Android is an open-source project founded by Google to compete with Apple. Intially it was a very basic OS as compared to iOS back in the days but slowing and gradually, Android became a mobile platform that tried its best to be always on the bleeding edge of mobile technology.

Most high-end Android devices that cost lesser than even the base level iPhones will be able to destroy iPhone in any performance tests and benchmarking.

On top of that, Android can be used on Desktop, Tablets, Phones, Wearables, TV, Auto Displays and other devices which helps it to reach all the places where Apple is yet to discover.

But with good things, comes the bad parts as well.

Unlike iOS, Android isn’t developing keeping a specific hardware configuration in mind. Current Android versions can run on even the lowest hardware spec and the highest possible configuration without breaking a sweat.

Due to this, Android has a bad reputation of not being the smoothest operating system. Screen getting locked, devices getting slower in the long run and minor glitches here and there make low and mid level Android devices a bag long term investment.

Even with the high-end devices, you might face regular issues and glitches that you, otherwise, wouldn’t experience on an iOS device.

Because Android is an Open-source project by Google, anyone can contribute to it and Google release all the security loopholes in their bug reports. Now, Android also gets updates similar to iOS but the problem is that most manufacturers will drop support for older devices within the first 3 years of usage.

So, long story short, your device is prone to malware attacks after three years of purchase.

What are hybrid applications? How is it different that tranditional native application development?

A hybrid application development process is very different than your traditional native app development process. In your traditional app developement process, you have individually develop applications for all the platforms be it iOS, Android and Web in most cases.

Usually all the applications are developed by a single company with a development package for all these platforms.

With hyrbid platfrom, you develop one application and deploy it on all the platform you aim for. In simple term, platforms such as Flutter translate your Flutter app into native applications for iOS, Android and the web.

There are both pros and cons of using hybrid development process.

The biggest pro being the fact that you don’t have to pay for three application developoment.

The design remains consistent and standard across all the devices.

Now, let’s talk about the Cons of developing using hybrid platforms.

Flutter apps are not supported by web browsers. so, if you want a web application developed, you will have to get it developed seperately or just leave the website aside.

How long does it take to get an application developed?

It totally depends on the features, company, target audience and the overall complexity of the application.

Not to mention, you will have to work on the research and analysis for startup applications before diving into the development and production.

Usually, an application development process doesn’t stretch more than 3 months. But, if your application is a one-of-its-kind, you may have to wait for more than 3 months to get it developed properly.

Of course you will be able to deploy a beta version of the application to the public while the development team is still working on the backend but that’s just the beta we are talking about.

On the other hand, some companies only need a simple business application developed and not spend time on doing research and analysis. In this case, they can just rebadge some pre-built application. These types of services are also offered by many software agencies.

What is the average cost of getting a native application developed?

It can cost somewhere from $10,000 to millions. As mentioned earlier, you’ll have to factor in a lot of things in order to come up with a price for the project.

The number of developers required to deliver the application on time, total number of features requested, research, testing, design and UX research will take considerable time to conduct.

Premium app development companies that work with the Fortune 5000 will charge more for the same level of services than an average software development agency. Partly, because of the experience and their long list of reputed clients.

Local, US based agencies charge more than remotely hired companies based in India and other Asian countries.

Hiring locally and remotely?

As mentioned earlier, hiring locally can be more expensive than hiring remotely.

On top of that, in both cases, there are pros and cons.

Let’s talk about the Pros first:

You don’t spend as much when compared to hiring remotely.

You have the convenience of visiting their office when you need. This makes it useful and essential if you are working in an industry that requires a lot security over data and might want to hire someone from a nearby location.

Hiring remotely also comes packed with challenges such as onboarding process, braintstorming and language barriers in some cases.

Since most app developers and software engineers are pretty fluent in English, you can expect them to communicate properly.

The next big challenge is the time difference. We have worked with a few remote agencies and almost all of them show up at our office hours and to be honest, we haven’t actually felt like we were dealing with a remote team.

So, it is choice that you’ll have to make on your own.

What are some next-generation services and how can you make use of them?

Some next generation services include Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Machine Learning, Language Processing and so on.

Artificial Intelligence – You can use AI to reduce the manual labor and automate a lot of reptetive tasks. This will increase productivity and efficiency. Companies like BMW and Mercedez have automated a lot of their assembly with the helps of bots and AI. Once trained, these Artificial Intelligence algorithms can take care of the tasks without taking any intervals and causing errors.

Virtual Reality – Mostly used in gaming, medical, and educational industries, VR can be a great tool for any type of business. We have seen virtual reality being used in online chatting, gaming, and e-learning platforms. Just like any other technology, VR’s endless possibilities is what makes it such a great modern marvel.

Machine Learning – Mostly used in data processing, face detection and similar tasks, machine learning isn’t a brand new technology. There have been so many websites and social media platforms including the likes of Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Tinder that make use of Machine Learning.

Although it isn’t necessary, most companies are interesting in diving deep into the world of next generation technologies. Mostly because they want to make sure that they aren’t left behind.

Out of all the app development companies that we have reviewed till date, most of them use and help with next generation services and technologies.

Do you need a website and web application?

Yes, you definitely need a website for your app or business. Your business website will help you drive organic search traffic from Google which will then help you in acquiring more users and eyeballs online.

You can easily attach a blog to your business website and start delivering news about your business and application, release bug reports, and help your users with useful tutorials, videos and documentation.

Or, if you want you can take the Instagram route and develop a web application and native mobile apps to get the best of all the platforms available today.

If you aren’t interesting in having a blog or a business website, you’d be surprised to know that most apps do have website with links to app stores where they are hosted. This way customers and users can find the correct apps to install on their preferred platform.

What’s a typical application development process?

A typical app development process may include an array of services and these services may differ from project to project.

From our experience, most app development projects progress something like this:

Step #1: Consultation – You get in touch with your chosen app development company and get started with a free consultation where you get to talk about your project.

Step #2: Marketing Research

Step #3: Brainstorming

Step #4: UX Design

Step #5: Prototyping

Step #6: App development

Step #7: Client review and feedback

Step #8: Quality Assurance

Step #10: Deployment


In this article, we have listed out the top app development companies in Georgia. You can use this list to shortlist your prospective app development agencies to work with.

If you want to read our complete review, you can visit company profiles and share your opinions with the rest of us using the comment section. If you have already worked with an app development agency, you can also drop in your review with a start rating.

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