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In this article, we are going to list some of the most sought after app development companies in Illinois. If you are a business or an agency that’s looking to hire an app development agency with some local presence in Illinois, this article is made for you.

From some common queries to a details explaination of various terms and industry jargon, we have included everything that one would need to make their research a breeze.

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TrinityWired is a Florida-based app development company that helps build a variety of applications and websites using modern and legacy software for clients from all over the world. Although most of their clients come from North America, they do have some apps that were built for international clients. In this article, we are going to review TrinityWired and list all of their services, niches, more
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With a creative website, Fueled boasts a promising partnership. They can help you with iOS, Android, and WatchOS. In this article, we are going to explore this app development company in detail and see if they can deliver your future projects and applications without any surprises and roadblocks mid-way through the development process. About Fueled Founded in 2007, Fueled got start more
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Zensar Technologies is a top-notch digital agency that offers various services including research, application development, and digital transformation services. Plus, if you are looking to hire a company that excels at dealing with next-generation technologies such as blockchain and virtual reality, Zensar Technologies can help you out. In this article, we are going to explore Zens more
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Hidden Brains is a software development company that has been around for more than 17 years and has delivered projects for more than 2500 clients with the help of their team of 400+ engineers and software developers. They have been awarded by multiple companies and online publications and are always on the cutting edge of technology. In this article, we are going to take a closer l more
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Launched in 2005, Saritasa app development company deals with True End-to-End IoT Solutions, App Development, Web Development, Software Development, Business Workflow Solutions, Big Data & Cloud Systems, 3D / AR / VR, and Electronic Product Engineering & Prototyping and a whole range of app and web development segments. With a strong team of over 200 engineers and developers, they more
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Intersog was launched in 2005 in the US and Ukraine. They specialize in a wide range of services including software development, integration services, support and hosting related services and dedicated virtual team services. Since their inception, they have delivered more than a hundred applications and software solutions, with the help of their highly trained team of 250+ software engineers and more
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With a small team of 50 talented developers and coders, Red Foundry helps its customers build high-quality applications and websites. Founded in 2009, Red Foundry is a full-service software development agency based in the US. Some of their featured clients include Expedia, Panasonic Biomedical, Random House, and Systagenix. With such reputable as their portfolio items, Red Foundry has a t more
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Rightpoint is likewise a fascinating organization since they don't zero in on such a large number of businesses and specialties. Most of their customers originate from three specialties that we will discuss in a piece. We should check whether Rightpoint has the stuff to assist you with making an amazingly versatile and additionally electronic application for your business or independent a more
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Launched back in 2002, Table XI is one of the longest running software development agency that specializes in app development and are capable of providing your with a complete digital transformation. They focus more on building and improving your brand visibility using research and testing. So, their applications are build keeping the best ROI in mind. They are a bit more expensive more
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Launched back in 2009, KitelyTech is one of the oldest running application development agencies in the US. With a strong team of over 200 employees, they build some of the most premium and solid mobile applications for clients in the US and the World. In this article, we are going to review KitelyTech and list out all of their services and other details such as areas of expertise, industries th more
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Which one is the better option, iOS, or Android?

There’s no perfect operating system. If you ask an iPhone fan, they’d tell you how much more stable and secure iPhone is and a few reasons as to why they don’t like Android phones.

On the other end of the spectrum, you’ll see Android users poking fun at iPhone users for paying a premium price tags for a very limited feature loaded phone.

Moving away from phones and tablets, the same type of opinions can be heard from Windows, Mac and Linux users.

So, there’s no perfect and best operating system. There are only operating system that are best for a particular task.

When it comes to mobile market, we would like to establish that both Android and iOS are spectacular operating system. Looks and features are subjective.

While Android is an open-source software which can be easily installed on to any smartphone with bare minimum hardware specifications, you will only find iOS on an Apple device which makes iPhone a pretty secure and closely gaurded secret.

From a business point of view, both iOS and Android applications and not only essential but also important.

Most upper middle class people who run a small business or work at a high paying job still prefer iPhones as they don’t want to customize, modify their phones.

So, if you want to capture this particular segment, you will have to get an iOS application developed.

For every other user, Android is the default operating system. It’s funny, in the entry and mid-level segment, nobody cares about the Operating system. It’s the price and the number of features that matters. So, there’s no way that iOS will be able to win in such a race.

Should you avoid developing an android application?

Yes and no.

Yes, if you are only targetting iOS users and have launched a business specifically for iOS users. For example, there are a few productivity and design tools that only work on an iOS device. If you want to do something similar, you can avoid building an Android applications.

But, if you aren’t targetting any mobile operating system in particular, there’s no need to miss out of on a big chunk of potential customer by just avoiding developing application for the largest mobile operating system on the planet.

To give you a short gist of how massive Android’s user-base is, if you throw a stone in the air, most probably it will land on an Android user’s head.

Jokes aside, Android’s user base is so vast that we don’t think that any operating system can take over now. The amount of features and utilities that you can get with Android is just mind blowing.

Should you avoid developing iOS application?

No, even though Android is the king of the smartphone market, iOS is still the second most powerful smartphone platform today. Not just that, Apple has a suite of other software solutions and devices that creates their Apple Ecosystem which pampers its users into turning into long-term loyal fans.

iOS is undoubtedly extremely stable, fast, and efficient. The performance in the top tier variants is still admirable and very strong.

Looking from an average phone consumer who doesn’t care much about performance and too many features, you’d fall in love with iPhone. They are simple, powerful and very reliable.

That’s exactly what you’d want and expect from a flagship phone from one of the oldest smartphone manufacturer.

Moving on, having an iOS app listed in the AppStore means that your app is qualified and approved by their review team.

Most people in the US still use iOS and prefer and iOS device when looking for a decently powered smartphone for office usage.

Is it okay to not update your applications after development?

No, you must release regular patches and security updates after deploying the applications on app stores.

Here’s a list of all the reason as to why you should release appropriate updates and upgrade for your applications:

  • No application is a complete software solution. There are always new improvements, technologies, and features that you can introduce with an application update.
  • App design is a major factor when running an application-based business. You will need to refresh the app design frequently and this can only be done via an application update or version upgrade.
  • With your user’s OS getting updates, new features are released and sometimes old features are rendered useless or deprecated. These deprecated features can cause a lot of security issues. To remove these glitches and security loopholes, you need to introduce security patches.
  • If you don’t release updates and security patches, your app will be removed from the app stores due to security concerns.

Most app development companies will offer maintenance services and you don’t have to pay that much money to get your applications updated.

So, if you can, hire the same application development compay for the future updates of your existing applications.

How long does it take to develop an application?

There’s no fixed time or specific duration. Even for the very basic application, an app development agency can take up to somewhere around 6 weeks to deploy the application to the customers.

The project may be delayed for a few months depending on the features, research, and modification requested by the clients.

Some startups may require a unique feature that doesn’t exist in the market. To execute this idea into a working feature, an app development company will have to do a lot of research to discover and invent the best possible method to implement the idea.

But, if you are working on a time sensitive project and want an application as soon as possible, you should get in touch with the app development company for a free consultation which should clear all your doubts and questions.

What is the average cost of developing a native application?

Most applications in the US can be developed for $5000+ and if you end up hiring remotely, you might be able to save a few more bucks if it’s just a basic application.

But the story changes when you look for an application development agency to develop application for social networking, creative businesses, SaaS applications and more.

This will cost you more than $10000 and the cost can go up to millions.

Some companies also depending on the features and the complexity of the same. For a social media application, you might need instant chatting, video calling, and voice calling features. Such features need a lot of careful coding and refining before it’s released to the public.

What’s the difference between native app development and hybrid app development?

The main different between a native application and a hybrid application is the fact that one will only work on a single platform, while the other will work on all the platform you want.

iOS applications will only work on iOS powered devices such as iPhones and iPads. So, you can’t install the same application on an Android device.

But, hybrid application development completely different. With this approach, you develop a single application using Flutter or Xamarin and deploy it on multiple platforms.

Developing a hybrid application solves a lot of problems that irritated developers and business owners for ages.

Since you aren’t developing multiple native application, you end up saving a lot of money that can be used to market the product post-launch.

What are the next-generation services?

Services such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine learning, Augmented reality, Virtual Reality are considered as next-generation services.

Most businesses don’t actually have any need for such technologies. But, for social media applications and e-commerce businesses, you might end up needing machine learning to detect a face, fraudulent transaction, and detect suspicious user behaviors.

Virtual Reality has a lot of real world application in the education sector and many e-learning platforms use virtual reality with Augmented reality to help students understand the classes efficiently.

Virtual reality is also being used in the gaming industry to some extent.

So, you will have to consult an app developmet company with you app idea to see if you truly need any next-generation services or not.

Please note that next-generation services can add to the cost of application development. So, it is not required, don’t request your developers to deal with them. Since they are next-generation technologies, maintaining them will be a pain and expensive.

What should an ideal app development company have?

An ideal app development company should have the following showcased on their website:

  • A business portfolio with recent projects and notable clients.
  • A complete list of their services.
  • Industry expertise
  • Team members and an about us page.

Those are some of the most minimum details an ideal app development company should have.

Should you hire an app development company from any freelance website?

It depends on the project for which you want to hire an app development company.

For example, it is an app for a small business with just some basic information, you don’t need an expensive agency. In this case, you can hire someone from a Freelance website for a lot cheaper.

But, if you are planning on building an application for your startup, bank, hospital or education institution, you may want to hire an agency with actual employees.

Large projects demand many developers, UX research persons and quality assurance experts to work simultaneously. Most freelancers won’t be able to handle such work load and you will end up hiring multiple freelancers and micro-managing them on your own.

What features and steps are included in a typical app development process?

Any app development project should start with a typical one-on-one consultation session in which you get to list out all of the features that you need, ideas and expectation.

This step is followed by research in which the app development company spends some time doing market research and analysis.

The next step is UX design which is then followed by app development.

Once the app is developed, it is sent for quality assurance and testing.

After the testing phase is completed, the application is released for the public.


Now that you have a list of all the top app development companies in Illinois, you can hire any of them and get started with your app development project without breaking a sweat.

If you are not yet ready to hire someone right away and need some time to compare and test all these companies, please use our metrics to help you out with the task.

What are your thoughts about this article? Share your opinions and thoughts with us via the comment section below. If you have already worked with any of the company listed here, you can drop a review in the comment section below as well.

Furthermore, you can also drop custom reviews and testimonials for a specific company by visiting their profiles from the list above.

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