Top 10+ App Development Companies in Massachusetts

In this article, we are going to list top ten app development companies in Massachusetts. Not just that, we are also going to list out a few amazing metrics that we use to rank and review app development companies.

Wondering what these metrics are?

The list of services: A complete list of services to help you figure out if your selected app development company is going to offer the services that you are looking for. For example, some app development companies don’t actually offer iOS app development and then there are some companies that don’t offer any Android related services. With a complete list of all the serivces, you will have a pretty good idea of all the their services and what you can expect them to develop right off the bat.

A rought pricing estimate: Although we steer away from this metric as much as we can, ocassionally we find some companies that confidently disclose their pricing options for ready-made applications and other general application development projects. So, in some of our reviews, we may also include pricing options and strategies to help you figure out if they fit your budget or not.

Industries and niches: Most software development companies have a list of specific industries that they serve more frequently than others. Also, there are some app development companies that only work with clients from a single niche or industries and they gave a long list of features and technologies that they’ve perfected over the course of their app development journey. This will help you in choosing the most viable company which would help you in deploying a bug-free, powerful application without breaking sweat.

Notable clients and portfolio items: Whenever we shortlist a bunch of companies, the first thing that we look for in their website is portfolio pages and notable clients. Notable clients usually tells you that they have built applications for some famous brands and companies around the globe. If such brands can rely on them, so could we.

A list of portfolio items will help you in understanding their style and design process. It will also direct show how much complex app development project they can handle and on top of that you might be able to guage if a said app development company is the right choice for your brand or not.

Average custom ratings and review: On top of all the other metrics, we have also enabled custom feedback and reviews for the front-end users. So, if you are customer or a client that has worked with any of these app development companies, you can drop your valuable comments along with a 5 star rating. This will help you in getting some real customer feedback. You can use their advices and reviews to dodge any roadblocks and unnecessaryh problems in the app development process.

Now that you are aware of all the metrics that we use to rank these websites, we are all set to dive right into the list of most reliable app development companies in Massachusetts.

TrinityWired is a Florida-based app development company that helps build a variety of applications and websites using modern and legacy software for clients from all over the world. Although most of their clients come from North America, they do have some apps that were built for international clients. In this article, we are going to review TrinityWired and list all of their services, niches, more
0 reviews
ZCO is perhaps the oldest running app development company here. With over 30 years of industry experience, ZCO corporation has been building powerful, agile and user-friendly applications for clients across the globe. They focus on three segments, mobile applications, enterprise software and mobile games. On top of that, they also have been awarded by countless online and offline publicat more
0 reviews
Launched in 2010, DockYard is a full-system software agency that deals with a range of services and technologies including Web Development, Software Engineering, UI / UX Design, Design Strategy, Ember.js, Elixir, HTML/CSS, Phoenix, Progressive Web App Development, Web Application Development, Staff Augmentation, Architectural Review, Full-stack Development, Staff Training, UX Audit, Digital Prod more
0 reviews
Hedgehog Lab is not a new name in the market. With clients such as deliveroo, Microsoft, Mitsubishi, Santander, LLOYDS Bank, and Toyota, they have been providing the industry with innovative software solutions for more than a decade. Their services can help you take an app idea and transform it into a fully functional application. In this article, we are going to list all the servi more
0 reviews
Raizlabs was launched back in 2003 and now has around 100 employees which consist of developers, software engineers, and management-level employees. Raizlabs is also an interesting agency because they don't focus on too many industries and niches. The majority of their clients come from three niches that we are going to talk about in a bit. Let's see if Raizlabs has what it takes t more
0 reviews
Peerbits was launched in 2011 in India. They also have a local presence in the UAE, Saudi Arabia, and the US. At the time of writing, they have around 150+ employees and have worked with many popular brands such as Health Vector App, Dingo Greece, and  Sabah Al Ahmad Center for Creativity and Giftedness (SACGC). Throughout their journey, they have gathered a great reputation online. With more
0 reviews
Mobiloitte Inc is based in both the UK and Singapore. In the UK, they formally launched their office in 2004 and now they have around 500+ employees who help them in delivering hundreds of applications each year to worldwide customers. In this article, we are going to review Mobiloitte Inc and list all of their services, focus areas, industries & niches, and office locations along with some more
0 reviews
Launched back in 2003, Fingent has been building applications for clients from more than 5 countries. They are based in four major locations and have more than 500 employees working for them at the moment. In all these years, they have been awarded by BusinessofApps - App development leaders, Clutch - Top developers in New York, Techreviewer - Top PHP developers, AppFutura - Top app development more
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What’s an iOS device?

iOS is a mobile operating system developed by Apple Inc. It was also one of the very first modern smartphone OS which came with a full-screen touch screen, in-display keyboard, internet connectivity, music store and navigation.

It is fair to say that Apple Inc. has been around for decades now and they have been building amazing applications and software to help their valuable customers.

If we have to classify iOS, we would say that iOS is one of the most polished and reliable mobile operating system today.

After Android, iOS is also the largest mobile operating system with loyal customers who keep buying newer iterations of iPhones every year religiously. Yes, iPhone enjoy a cult following in every country they are sold in.

Because it is a privately developed software, it is built specifically keeping a single range of devices in mind, iPhones.

So, it works seamlessly with iPhones without any glitches and troubles. To be honest, most smartphone users including corporate users prefer iOS just because it is this reliable and smooth.

iOS apps need to be submitted to the Apple AppStore. If your applicatoin meets the guidelines and standards of the platform, their review team will approve it or it will be rejected.

As compared to Android, iOS appstore’s terms and conditions are more strict and tight. So, even if your application was approved in the Google PlayStore, there’s a chance that it might not be approved in the Apple AppStore.

Not to mention, iOS is the most secure mobile operating system today. It is said that even Apple couldn’t crack the iPhone when requested by the government.

What’s an Android device?

Android OS is an mobile operating system developed by Google. It is an open-source project and anybody could install Android on any hardware with bare minimum configuration.

Due to this, Android is not as stable as an iOS devices. Lower end devices run into frequent memory related problems and other UX glitches are pretty common today.

Android devices are also slower than iPhones in general. But, iPhone also tend to become a little bit slow over the time but it is nothing as compared to Android devices.

Although Android isn’t as old as iOS but they are the largest mobile operating system today. So, if you want to reach out to billions of smartphone users, Android application is a must.

Just like Apple, Android also comes packed with a suite of applications powered by Google. From Gmail applications to backup solutions and office tools, Google has a solution for every common everyday problem out there.

If Google could nail the stability and efficiency factor, Android would definitely blow Apple devices out of the water without breaking sweat considering the fact that most top-end Android devices still rule the smartphone benchmarking tests.

But, we believe that Google isn’t completely responsible for this particular issue. Perfecting an open-source OS should the be job of the mobile manufacturer.

Android based manufacturers are focusing on adding more cameras to their phones and spending millions on marketing while their software still remains slightly unreliable and full of bugs.

One more con of using an Android device is the fact that these devices will stop getting upgrades and updates within the first 3 years of their launch.

Which mobile OS is the most powerful and important?

It depends from person to person. Some may prefer iPhone while the others prefer Android.

Most corporate management level employees use iPhone and tech geeks and people who love to customize their devices according to their taste fall in love with Android and it’s ease of customization.

From our personal experience, Android is a much more powerful operating system from the performance and the market share point of view.

But, iOS also has it’s loyal customers that keeps purchasing new iOS devices at every iPhone launches.

Does your business need both Android and iOS applications?

Yes, your business needs both iOS and Android applications. These both platforms sport billions of users across almost all the countries on this planet.

So, if you have the budget to develop native applications for both Android and iOS, you should get them developed.

If you aren’t still convinced, you can still use hyrbid platforms to develop

That said, sometimes, as a client, you might not need to develop native applications for all possible mobile operating systems. For example, if you are a note-taking application for iOS users, there’s no point in developing any Android application.

With your mobile applications, should you also develop a web application and a business website?

Yes, you should definitely have a business website as it will help Google in indexing your website. If you publish a few blog posts, you will be able to drive qualified search engine traffic to your website. This traffic can be converted into potential customers and users.

Since you are bringing in organic search traffic from Google, you don’t have to pay for it.

Plus, you can direct users to their respective app stores to download yoru application via your own website.

If you app is still in the beta version, you can accept user feedbacks, bug reports and various other real-world inputs from users for free via your website’s contact form.

This way, a website is not only a traffic generation method but also a very important digital asset.

What are some next-generation technologies?

Next generation technologies are Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and similar technologies.

They aren’t the traditional technologies that you’d use to develop any applications. In fact, most app development companies don’t even have any services for next-generation technologies. This makes next-generation services a very niche service that’s only offered by a limited number of app developers today.

If we talk about the uses and various application of next-generation technologies, virtual reality games, VR chats, e-learning applications, virtual room tour, fraud detection in e-commerce platforms and social media applications.

As mentioned earlier, most businesses don’t actually need next-generation technologies but if you are an e-commerce brand or any other type of business mentioned earlier, you can hire an app development company that specializes in next-generation development to help you build your software technologies.

What should you look for in an ideal app development company?

An ideal app development company is pretty hard to find. But, that doesn’t mean that it is totally impossible. You will have to spend a considerable amount of time sorting through hundreds of app development companies in Massachusetts.

We use the following metrics to select the best option possible.

# An ideal app development company should reply back within the first 24 hours of receiving a contact inquiring. Even 24 hours is stretching it too much. From our experience, we have notices app development companies replying back within a few hours or 10 hours max. If an app development company doesn’t reply back for days, chances are that they’d have a poor line of communication which will delay the project and create more troubles for your app development projects.

# They must have delivered applications for similar clients. This helps in making sure that they are aware of the latest and greatest in that particular industry reducing the research time and rapid devleopment.

# They should have a great track record of delivering high-quality applications for clients from your country.

These are the three major factors that we consider when selecting an app development company.

You can add a few other steps such as Linkedin presence, social media presence, business website, and so on.

What are native applications and hybrid applications?

Native applications are built for a specific operating system while hybrid applications are build on a cross-platform framework such as Flutter App and Xamarin.

There are a lot of pros when using hybrid applications.

Instead of developing 3 different applications for iOS, Android and the web, you could just develop a single application and then deploy it on all the desired platforms.

This reduces the overall cost of production and helps in getting applications built for all the platforms.

What’s the average cost of getting an application developed?

The average cost of getting an application developed depends on a variety of factors including the features, complexity, product launch deadline, number of team members involved and the micro-services involved.

But, to give you an estimate, a typical application development project might cost you somwhere from $10,000 to millions of dollars.


As you can see, we have listed out all the top app development companies in Massachusetts. You can visit each company profile to read our in-depth review to help you make an informed hiring decision.

With metrics such as portfolio items, services and real custom review should help you in sorting through a list of prospective app development compaines in Massachusetts.

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Drop your valuable comments in the comment section below. If you want to share with us your customer review, drop them in the comment section below along with the 5-star rating system.

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