Top 10+ App Development Companies in Washington

Washington is a hub for app development companies and government software development. So, it is obvious to find someone who’s willing to develop your applications in the Washington state itself.

Having a local app development company develop your applications ensures confidentiality and a peace of mind.

You can visit their offices in-person to see how they treat their employees and what all equipments they have to help you build your next big app development project.

In this article, we are listing out the best app development companies in Washington to help you guys make an informed hiring decision when it comes to choosing from a list of potential app development companies.

We use various metrics to rank these businesses on our website and some of them are:

  • List of services: This will help you understand the expertise of a company. For example, some app development companies don’t necessarily offer app development services. Instead, they focus on very niche services such as app optimization, security, digital transformation, and integrating next-generation technologies into existing application and software solutions. So, by listing the number of services offered by a company, we ensure that you have all the information you need to classify a company as a suitable service provider for a particular task.
  • Industries and niches: This one may seem a bit insignificant but the number of industries and niches will help you in determining if a prospective app development company has had previous experience working in your niche. If they have been delivering applications for your industries, chances are that they will know which features to include and how to design the UX of the application to help users get the most out of the application.
  • Office locations: If you are looking to hire from Washington or any other specific locations, this information will help you greatly. We have seen that some companies may have their headquarters based in some other country but they do offer some local presence in the Washington state. So, if you are someone who doesn’t like hiring remotely, our office locations and related information will help you make the right choice.
  • Notable clients and portfolio items: Usually, if the portfolio isn’t revealed chances are that you won’t be able to determine the quality of their work and their approach toward building an application. Notable clients will also show you what popular and significant brands have trusted them with their development projects.

Now that you are introduced to all the major metrics that we use to rank app development companies in Washington, let’s dive right into the list:

TrinityWired is a Florida-based app development company that helps build a variety of applications and websites using modern and legacy software for clients from all over the world. Although most of their clients come from North America, they do have some apps that were built for international clients. In this article, we are going to review TrinityWired and list all of their services, niches, more
0 reviews
Zensar Technologies is a top-notch digital agency that offers various services including research, application development, and digital transformation services. Plus, if you are looking to hire a company that excels at dealing with next-generation technologies such as blockchain and virtual reality, Zensar Technologies can help you out. In this article, we are going to explore Zens more
0 reviews
Dogtown Media was launched in 2011 and is based in the US. They offer premium app and web development services to startups, medium and large-scale businesses that generate close to 1 billion dollars in revenue. They primarily focus on mobile app development, software development, AR/VR development, IoT, and artificial intelligence. They have been featured on Yahoo! News, International Bus more
0 reviews
Navtech is an India based app development company launched back in 2013. At the time of writing this article, they have over 100+ employees helping them develop powerful and efficient mobile software solutions across the globe. In this article, we are going to review Navtech to see if they can take care of your app development project and if they are a good fit for your next big app-based onlin more
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We hope that our list was helpful for your research and hiring process. In case, if you are confused about something, here’s a list of FAQs that might help you out:

What are some metrics used to rank these app development companies in Washington?

We use a range of metrics including but not limited to the list of services, notable clients, office locations, industries and niches and focus areas. This information will help you in determining if a given app development company is suitable for your project or not.

How long does it take to get an application developed?

It depends on the complexity, the brand, and the features required by the client.

For example, an application for a simple e-commerce business may take up to 8 weeks to develop but if the said application is for a multinational company with many languages, departments, e-commerce functionality, and customer support portal, it may take months on end to get it developed.

Nobody other than your chosen app development company can give you an estimated delivery date on the app development process.

From our experience, most application development projects usually last for at least 6 weeks if the development team starts from scratch and builds everything as per your recommendation. But, if all you want it to get an application rebadged, your app might get deployed within a few days.

If we are talking about a complete project, sometimes clients may want to get applications for multiple platforms developed which also includes web application development. If the app development agency isn’t using a hybrid process, it can add up to the app development process and further delay the project.

The development time can also differ if the project requires a lot of manual development, designing, and testing. Especially, if the application is being developed for a bank or similar financial enterprises, the last thing you’d want is to release an application packed with bugs that will turn off valuable customers and loyal users.

On top of all that, you might need some modification, removal of features, and other mods. This will add a few more weeks depending on the modifications requested.

Furthermore, there might be some unexpected delays due to technical glitches which can’t be avoided such as employees falling ill and communication gaps between you and the dev team.

What is iOS?

iOS is an operating system that iPhone and iPads use. It is a closed source project which means that Apple owns this platform and you don’t have any right to modify, resell or contribute to this project.

You need a MacOs laptop or computer to build iOS applications and although there are hybrid platforms that will help you deploy application for iOS, it is always recommended to test applications for iOS before launching it for the public usage.

iOS is also touted as the most secure and smoother than any other mobile or desktop platforms out there because without rooting the device and voiding the warranty, there’s no way that you can install application from third-party providers. You will have to upload your applications to the Apple App Store.

App store is also infamous for rejecting a large portion of applications due to quality and asthetic reasons.

So, if you want to get an Application built for the iOS, you need to focus on the functionality and the looks at the same time or else your application might not get approved by the App Store.

What is Android?

Android is an open-source mobile operating system powered by Google. You can do whatever you want with Google which also includes installing third-party applications, modifying the core codes, and reselling the modified version.

Android also happens to be the most widely used mobile OS around. With more than a billion people using it, Android is one of the most powerful mobile operating systems out there.

If you want to reach the maximum customers, Android is the way to go.

On top of that, unlike iOS, Android is pretty calm about app submission approvals.

The only downside to this is the fact that you can easily install malicious applications in Android as it lets users install applications from any third party vendor.

Unlike iOS, Android doesn’t require you to own a specific operating system for you to be able to develop Android Applications. You can use any OS including macOS, Windows, and even Linux to build Android applications.

Do you need to build a web application if most of your customers use Mobile applications only?

Yes, no matter what type of application you’d want to get built for your mobile users, it is always a better choice to build applications for all platforms. Especially when there are hybrid platforms such as Flutter with which you can build cross-platform applications in just one go.

Also, many users still prefer using a web browsers when making important purchases. So, if your brand is primarily an e-commerce company that deals with high-ticket products, it is better to have all the buying options available for the customers.

A pro of having a web application is the fact that you can easily attach a blog and publish articles to attract organic search traffic which will boost your online presence further and eventually bring in qualified customers who are already looking to purchase a product.

The only downside to having a web application website is that you will have to integrate it with the mobile apps and that might require a bit more time delaying the entire project.

What are native applications?

Native applications are build specifically for a particular platform. For example, native iOS application will only work on iOS running devices and native Android applications will only work on Android devices.

To develop native iOS applications, you’ll need to develop using a macOS computer. The said application may not work on Apple laptops and iPads depending on the configurations.

To develop native Android applications, you don’t need a specific operating system or a laptop, you can pretty develop a fully-loaded application on a ten year old Linux laptop without any problems.

Android apps usually work seemlessly with Tablet computers and even on PC emulators.

There’s no such things as a native web application. Since most web applications are either SaaS platforms or e-commerce platforms, it is highly unlikely that they would not work on Phone, tablets and other display devices.

These days most websites and web applications are responsive which gives them a native application kind of look and feel. So, if you want to stick to the website for a while after launching your online business, you can still cover the mobile space by making sure that your website is 100% mobile friendly. Mobile friendly websites are preferred by Google as most Google searches now come from mobile devices.

What are hybrid, cross-platform applications?

As mentioned earlier, native applications are developed keeping a particular platform in mind. Native apps don’t work on all platforms.

This problem has been worrying many clients as the number of devices is high and app development cost is also going up. So, developing native applications for all the devices today can become extremely expensive.

Through cross-platform or hybrid application development platforms, you can deploy applications for all the platforms in one go. The programming platform converts the codes to the codes of the native platform helping the devs to make one application for all the platforms.

This approach is significantly better than the old school method as now you can deploy an application that’s connected to a single database and can run on all the smartphones, tablet PCs, computers, and even on the web.

Flutter and Xamarin are two of the most popular and widely used cross-platform app development platforms out there. With growing demand, you will see numerous new such platforms emerging.

What is a digital transformation?

Anything from renovating your existing digital assets to building from scratch and integrating smart digital solutions to your business is referred to as digital transformation.

To put it in simple words, if you want to build a complete online presence which include app building for mobile users, websites and even some custom billing software, it would be called as a digital transformation.

Should you include next-generation technologies in your future applications?

It depends on the business. If you are someone that needs to automate a lot of manual task in the marketing and sales verticals, you can use machine learning and artificial intelligence to collect a lot of data and process the same data.

If your application is targetted towards offering just basic business related information, you should not worry much about next-generation services.

Next-generation services are more suited towards social media networks, marketing campaigns, gaming industries and more.

Can you ask the development team to work with a particular programming platform?

Yes, but your chosen app development company would already have a tech stack which might include the most trending technology. So, we would recommend you to go with their recommendations instead.

But, if you feel that your chosen app development company is using old technology that’s really slow and counter intuitive, you’d be better off with hiring someone else instead.


In this archive listing, we have listed out all of the top app development companies in Washington.

If you are a Washington-based agency and want to get your application developed asap, you can get in touch with either one of the above-mentioned companies and get started with your development process.

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